About Us

Our History

Anthony E. Torres García, a young Puerto Rican man, was born on July 17, 1994, in the town of Villalba, Puerto Rico. Anthony graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Ponce Campus, where he studied Forensic Psychology, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2017.  A year later (2018) Anthony decided to join the United States Armed Forces ARMY, where he was sent to Okinawa, Japan for a period of four years where he excelled at the Blood Bank (ASBBC) at camp foster base.

During 2019, like every young man, Anthony began to have new friends and visualize a great need for cleanliness in the vehicles they owned. Seeking to remedy this need, Anthony decided to provide Auto Detailing service to friends and shortly after to acquaintances of the Camp Shield base in Okinawa, Japan. On September 28, 2020, a year later and due to the demand for work that Anthony had, he decided to establish DEEP CLEANING OKI in the GINOWAN area.  

After fulfilling his active service and seeing the great demand that his company had, Anthony decided to specialize in Car Detailing. In order to offer a great quality service, he traveled back to Puerto Rico where he obtained a certification at “The Detail School of Puerto Rico”.  Once he completed all his courses and training, Anthony decided to work full time in his company, hiring staff and training them thus providing jobs to more than 8 people including locals born in Okinawa, Japan.

Today two years have passed since its inception and his company continues to expand, employing more people and with more than 2,500 detailed cars. 

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Our Mission

Here at DCO, our deepest purpose as an organization is to be the greatest by delivering excellence in customer service and providing the most convenient and high-quality deep cleaning services, offering reasonable cost for any type of vehicles and home upholstery, that are a part of the significant investment of our valued clients.

Our Vision

DCO hopes to be the best in providing deep cleaning services in Okinawa, Japan, focusing on detailing cars, both to the American and Japanese people, helping them to have a cleaner space and safety on the road.  

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